Modern Digital Infrastructure Without Disruption

Learn how Cloud Care can optimize your data utility even if it’s siloed.

Cloud Care Data Integration Platform

No coding, planning, or configuring

Harmonize your siloed data using our comprehensive framework. Cloud Care unleashes your data’s potential by aggregating multiple data types from disparate systems into one centralized data lake. ​Cloud Care API removes the friction between networks, simplifying the way data is exchanged and analyzed.

Spend more time working ​with ​data instead of ​on data

Modern tools for a modern world

Take advantage of the latest analytical tools and modern libraries to increase productivity and profitability.

Community Health Assessment

Patient Recruitment

Clinical Decision Support

Operational Cost Assessment

Platform Benefits

Gain virtually instant access to your data. No need to plan costly build-outs that take months or years. Spend more time focusing on what’s important to you.

Analytics & Insights

  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Reduce spend on data sanitation
  • Prepare system for value-based reimbursement
  • Outlier detection 
  • Improve data quality & UDS reporting 

Data Portability & Interoperability

  • Optimize patient data utility
  • Exchange data between providers and networks
  • Monitor patient readmissions and continuity of care
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Security & Compliance

  • HIPAA Compliant Storage
  • Dynamic backup storage
  • Govern and grant access with Identity and Access Management
  • Extensibility – integrate and scale with growth

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